Best Car Dealing Experience

We came to look at the 2009 Honda last Friday. We took it for a test drive and loved the car. I had a 2002 Honda that I still loved so I was not in a hurry to purchase another car, but I was just looking. We asked what type of a trade in we could receive. They wanted us to suggest what we would pay for that car using our car as a trade in. We stated our price (thinking they would counter our offer) and they said okay! We thought okay, I guess we are buying a car today.

They looked at our car as a trade in option and we signed the papers. Because I was not in a rush for the car and they hadn't even cleaned it yet, we scheduled a pick up date that gave them time to clean it (and they touched up a scuff make with the proper paint) and gave me time to change the insurance over. The pick up went smoothly and they filled the gas tank and just did an oil fill.

I can come back for a free oil change when I need my next one and get a coupon for a cleaning. Bob took me over to the service department to show me where I would drive in and to meet the staff there. He told me they had wireless Wifi and TV, coffee, etc and a shuttle service. He also took me inside my new vehicle and showed me everything inside. He was very kind and helpful! That is why I rated them so high. Best car dealing experience we have had. They made you feel respected and that both parties got what they wanted. Last time I bought a car I had to deal back and forth and the one who had the last say was the dealer. Left me thinking maybe I didn't get a great deal. Not this time!

Janice Bearden – Red Deer, Alberta

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